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Owning an ATV is great… but keeping up on one isn’t cheap. Fortunately, owning (and using) one of these ATV covers is an easy, and inexpensive way of keeping your quad nice. This is especially true if you’re storing your four wheeler outdoors or in regions with extreme weather.

Best ATV covers features

The best ATV covers to buy should be well stitched, weatherproof (or at least weather-resistant), and provide lasting protection. Whether they’re designed for heavy duty application or to protect your quad during winter, these covers for four wheelers are all good options.

I’ve put together this list of what I consider to be some of the best ATV covers for the money. Most of these covers are interchangeable as far as needing one that is waterproof, versus needing a trailerable cover.

Best Heavy Duty Waterproof ATV Cover

ClawsCover ATV Cover Waterproof Outdoor Heavy Duty 101 Inch Fadeless 420D Oxford Cloth Quad ATC 4 Wheeler Covers All Season All Weather UV Protection for Polaris Can am Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki Honda

ClawsCover Waterproof ATV Covers

If you’re looking for a heavy duty ATV cover that will keep the rain at bay, this one from ClawsCover is a solid option for protecting your quad. It’s durable enough to withstand harsh winds while also letting any water slide off and away from your ATV.


One nice thing about this cover is that it’s available in a selection of sizes, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your ATV. While it’s great at keeping the cold out, it also features covered air vents that offer breathability to prevent moisture from ruining your ATV.

You’ll also find two windproof buckle straps that are secured at the bottom of the ATV, providing protection from the wind. Also, the reflective stripe design that ClawsCover included on this cover makes it much easier to see your buggy in the dark… if that matters to you.

Positive Reviews

Here’s a quick overview of all of the good and bad that the ClawsCover heavy-duty ATV cover offers.

  • Waterproof properties offer good water protection
  • Provides great insulation to ATVs
  • Double closure security at the bottom
  • Covered vents to prevent moisture buildup
  • Elastic hems allow for a snug fit on the buggy

Negative Reviews

  • Expensive compared to other options

If you’re looking to keep the rain away from your four wheeler, the ClawsCover heavy-duty waterproof cover is a great choice.

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Best ATV Cover for Trailering

Budge Sportsman Trailerable ATV Cover, Black, Waterproof, Heavy Duty, Extra Large

Budge Sportsman Trailerable ATV Covers

If you’re planning on trailering your ATV, you’ll need a durable cover that will be able to withstand the elements as you tow your quad behind you. Budge Sportsman makes one of the best covers for ATV riders who what to take care of their quad, while also taking care of their bank account.

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this trailerable ATV cover from Budge Sportsman. It comes in two different sizes so that you can find the one that fits your ATV best. The material is made from high-quality polyester that resists wear and tear, making this quad cover an excellent choice.


These four wheeler covers by Budge Sportsman come with straps and buckles that you can use to secure the cover to your quad. This double closure system also means that you’re getting twice as much security in the cover, so you won’t have to worry about it flying off in the wind when towing your ATV.

There’s also a good degree of waterproofing that’s been done to this cover. So, if you’re going on a road trip you don’t have to worry as much about the weather.

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Positive Reviews

It’s hard to find anything to dislike about this cover, but nothing is without its flaws.

  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Heavy-duty polyester construction
  • Double closure security
  • Decent waterproofing offers good protection
  • Slick appearance looks great

Negative Reviews

  • Not in stock often, so have to buy quickly
  • Not the cheapest option

If you’re going to be trailering your quad, this trailerable ATV cover is an excellent choice.

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Best ATV Cover for Winter

Badass Moto ATV Covers Waterproof Outdoor Heavy Duty, Rip-Resistant, Night-Reflective Quad Cover, 4 Wheeler Cover, Easy-Access Zipper & Vents Four Wheeler Accessories - ATV Gifts, Large 95' Long

Badass Moto Heavy Duty ATV Covers

This heavy duty ATV cover from Badass Moto works wonders for protecting your ATV. The cold is something that many overlook, but it can actually damage your ATV.

One of the things I like most about these ATV covers is that they’re made with firm, elastic hems that stay put during outdoor storage. The covers also come with three removable buckle tie downs that really help keep the cover secured and in place. As for its appearance, Badass Moto opted for an all-black design that compliments just about any quad.


A definite bonus on this cover is that it comes with reflective yellow stripes for high visibility when it gets dark – no more accidentally bumping into your bike at night. An easy-access zipper panel also makes reaching the gas tank, handlebars, and console a piece of cake, and you don’t even have to take the cover off.

The seams are taped, so any gaps that might be in the stitching are sealed off with adhesive. This helps make the waterproofing a little more thorough, which is always a bonus when it starts to rain.

Positive Reviews

There’s a lot to like about the Badass Moto cover, but it’s not without its flaws. Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

  • It is highly durable and strong
  • Very secure and won’t come off
  • Buckle tie-downs keep the cover in place
  • It is waterproof and water-resistant
  • It features a great appearance

Negative Reviews

  • A little more on the expensive side compared to similar options
  • There is not much color variety to choose from

If you’re looking to keep the rain away from your bike, the Badass Moto heavy-duty waterproof cover is a great choice.

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