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Keeping your dirt bike chain properly lubricated makes a significant impact on how long it lasts and how well it performs. In addition, the best lube for a dirt bike chain isn’t going to be the same stuff that you should use for a mountain bike or even a street bike.

Below is a list featuring the best dirt bike chain lube and cleaners out there. I’ve broken the list down into the following:

  • OPTION #1 (These are the best)
    Full Kit
    Cleaner & Lube Combo
    Lube Only
  • OPTION #2 – (These are good)
    Cleaner & Lube Combo
    Lube Only
  • OPTION #3 – (Still good)
    Cleaner & Lube Combo

Best Chain Lube Kit for Dirt Bikes


Motul (Full Chain Care Kit)

This easy-to-apply lubricant and chain cleaner kit is compatible with various chain types available on the market. You can use it on standard, O-ring, Y-ring, and Z-ring chains. Motul is well-known for producing some of the best dirt bike oil and lubes on the market.

Key Features

  • This is a powerful lubricant that will help not just clean the chain but also keep it lubricated
  • It will easily stick to a hot chain and cover the chain with proper lubrication
  • This product will help to keep wear and tear in check


  • 9.8 and 9.3-ounce containers
  • Easy to apply nozzle attached to the container
  • A sealed lid to keep the product safe and protected

Overall, this kit is solid and you can’t really go wrong with it. Having said that, there are a few pros and a few cons to highlight.

Positive Reviews

With this kit, you get a sticker to put on your bike and a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean. The brush that comes with the kit is ideal for getting rid of the dirt stuck between the chain’s links.

Negative Reviews

This lubricant and cleaner do not have the best properties of repelling water to protect the chain. This means you will have to be careful when riding your bike in the rain or even after the rain to avoid puddles.

NOTES: This is the kit to buy if you’re new to chain maintenance, or you would just like the extras you get with this full kit. Click here to view pricing and read reviews on Amazon.

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube & Cleaner

Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner (Chain Cleaner plus Chain Lube)

Motul (Chain Lube & Cleaner)

You can use this chain cleaner from Motul with various bike types such as off-road bikes, ATVs, and karts. You also get the lubricant and the cleaner in different canisters to make it easier to distinguish between the two products.

Key Features

  • It is compatible with different types of chains
  • Easy to apply on the chain for cleaning and lubrication
  • This product will help protect the chain from rust with its water-resistant properties
  • Enhanced protection for your bike chain


  • A durable canister to last for a while
  • The cleaner and lubricant are in separate containers
  • Solid and thick formula to last longer

Positive Reviews

The immediate degreasing effect of the cleaner makes it easy to get rid of even the toughest dirt stuck on the chain. It is safe to use in the environment thanks to the eco-friendly ingredients this formula is made from.

Negative Reviews

When applying this product to the chain of your dirt bike, you must be careful not to use it too much. Just a light application is needed or it will attract dirt and sand, which will have the opposite effect you desire.

NOTES: This is basically the “go-to” kit… unless you want gloves, etc. Click here to view pricing and read reviews on Amazon.

Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube

Motul Motorcycle On Road Chain Lube C2 400ml 9.3 Ounce Can

Motul (Chain Lube Only)

You can use a wide range of formulas available from this manufacturer for many different types of applications. This product may help prevent different problems you may encounter with the chain of your dirt bike while keeping it protected.

Key Features

  • Motul is compatible with different types of chains
  • You do not need to apply the formula regularly because it lasts for a while
  • The green color makes it easy to see to prevent overapplying the lubricant


  • There are just over 9 ounces of the lubricant in the container
  • Easy to apply on the chain to keep it protected
  • The potent formula helps to use only a little bit at a time

Positive Reviews

Keep your dirt bike chain clean for a long time with this lubricant as it works really well to protect your bike from dirt. You will also find that the easy-applying nozzle helps you to prevent putting too much of this lubricant on the chain.

Negative Reviews

This lubricant is sticky and may be challenging to apply to the dirt bike chain, especially for beginners. Applying too much of this to the chain may cause it to attract dirt which may get stuck and not easily come off.

NOTES: No nonsense, just get the lube and get out of here. 😉 Click here to view pricing and read reviews on Amazon.

Good Chain Lube Kit for Dirt Bikes

Maxima Syn Chain Guard Ultimate Chain Care Combo Kit 3-Pack Aerosol

Maxima (Chain Lube & Cleaner)

The chain cleaner, the lubricant, and the chain guard included in this kit from Maxima provide you with everything you need. Meaning that it helps to clean, protect and prolong the life of your dirt bike chain which helps to keep tension and adjustment on the chain as well.

Key Features

  • This formula contains heavy-duty anti-wear compounds to protect against wear and tear
  • You also have water and high-humidity protection for your chain
  • A slip-resistant feature allows your bike to start more easier


  • All three products included in just one set
  • Easy aerosol application to make your job easier
  • Quick-release lid to save you time

Positive Reviews

You will love this product because it can prevent dust from getting stuck to your bike chain. This also means that it will stay clean and protected for much longer to improve the life expectancy of the chain.

Negative Reviews

Even though you get all three products in the set, you will have to pay a high price tag. This is not a good idea if you do not have a huge budget to work with.

NOTES: A SOLID kit, and one I’ve purchased more than once. Click here to view pricing and read reviews on Amazon.

Good Chain Lube for Dirt Bikes

Maxima 77920 Synthetic Chain Guard - 14 oz. Aerosol

Maxima (Chain Lube Only)

This chain lube from Maxima is proven to be quite an effective way to improve chain performance. There should be a decent improvement in your bike’s overall performance when out on the track.

Key Features

  • The Maxima synthetic chain guard formula is great for both on and off-road bike chains
  • It will also help to increase the lifespan of your chain and overall bike performance
  • Rust will not be a problem with the anti-corrosive feature added to the formula


  • It comes in a hefty 14-ounce container
  • Strong lid to seal the container and its contents
  • Easy aerosol application of product

Positive Reviews

One of the most advanced features of this chain guard from Maxima is that it reduces wear and tear on the chain. This means your chain will last much longer and save you a lot of money on regular chain replacement.

Negative Reviews

It is pretty thick and might be a problem when you apply it for the first time to your bike chain. It will take a bit of time to get used to adding just enough so it will not attract dirt and dust.

NOTES: This is what I’d buy if I wanted a few on the shelf. Good, not great. Nothing “wrong” with it though. Click here to view pricing and read reviews on Amazon.

Semi-Synthetic Chain Lube

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Aerosol - 11 Ounce

Lucas Oil (Chain Lube Only)

Lucas oil products are also some of the most popular options for bike enthusiasts, and the same applies to this semi-synthetic chain lubricant.

Key Features

  • This product has a water-resistant feature to protect the chain from rust
  • Use this formula on a variety of lubricating applications and different chain types
  • A potent formula that will last for a long time, so you only need to apply it now and then


  • Easy aerosol spray-on application
  • Solid and durable container to protect the product
  • It comes in a large 11-ounce container

Positive Reviews

Not fully synthetic. Use this formula for the chain of your dirt bike as well as on-road bikes, as it is excellent for any type of chain. Even when the chain gets hot, it does not have that heavy machine smell that is common with these types of products.

Negative Reviews

Not fully synthetic. Keep in mind that this lubricant is not ideal to be applied to your dirt bike chain when it is hot. For the best results, it is best to apply it while the chain is still cold and before you go out for a ride.

NOTES: This is not a fully synthetic lube, but that doesn’t mean it’s no good. Click here to view pricing and read reviews on Amazon.