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Finding (and wearing) good dirt bike riding goggles is a must. Googles protect you from cold weather, dust and rocks, and bugs and branches. Assuming you’re goal isn’t just to “look cool” while you’re out riding, there are three things that you should look for when choosing which dirt bike googles to buy.

  1. Lenses
  2. Frame
  3. Fit

However, these aren’t the only things to consider. You’ll also want to consider what type of riding you do most, where your ride (riding conditions), and of course, how much you’re looking to spend.

What to Look For


Lenses come in a variety of shapes and sizes and not all of them are best suited for the same activity or weather condition. Look for clear lenses if you want to ride in bad weather or at night. You may want to look for grey lenses to reduce glare and fatigue when riding in direct sunlight. For some riders, light color tinting may be necessary in order to improve their depth perception.

UV protection is nice perk and most goggles will provide some level of protection.

Lenses are fairly complex, which is why they’re probably the most crucial aspect of dirt bike goggles to get right when buying a pair.


Most frames are made form a strong, and very flexible, polyurethane compound.

The structural design determines the durability but the flexibility usually determines the fit. You should also consider a light frame if you want to avoid minimize the pressure on your face and weight on your neck.

Some goggles have better pressure distribution than others, which is due to the frame’s design.


Fit and comfort go hand in hand.

A tight fit ensures the goggles would stay on – even in the worst conditions. However, the increased head pressure may not be ideal for long rides. The good news: most goggles can be both tight and secure while also being comfortable. This is why some high-end models feature an additional outrigger elastic strap that adds adjustability.

Depending on the design, the strap may also help to reduce slipping up or down on your helmet – especially if it has silicone beads.

100% Goggles

Strata Goggle Slash (#1 pick)

100% Strata Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles - Slash/Clear Lens/One Size

These Strata goggles are not compatible with eyeglasses. While most of the models come with clear Lexan lenses, there are a few models that have tinted lenses which should improve depth perception. Also, the urethane frame should fit most MX helmets on the market.

The strap is silicone coated to reduce slippage and ensure a comfortable fit. The anti-fog feature on the lens improves visibility.

The goggles also feature a 9-pin lens retention system. All this combined with the dual-layered foam and the low price point make the Strata goggles highly popular with MX riders.

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Racecraft Attack Yellow Men’s Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Racecraft Goggle-Attack Yellow

These goggles feature a flexible yet durable frame. The triple-layered foam provides a solid fit as well as moisture control. Outriggers are featured on the frame to further improve the fit and balance of the goggles. The silicone strap also helps reduce slippage when it’s wet and muddy.

The clear lenses offer good visibility especially because of the wide panoramic design. A removable nose guard is also included, as well as 20 replacement tear-offs.

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Accuri Men’s Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Accuri Men's Dirt Bike Motorcycle Goggles Eyewear - Blue/Reflex Blue/Mirror Blue / One Size

The Accuri goggles come in one size. There is little adjustability but the frame design makes them compatible with all MX helmets. There are three types of lens. You have blue, yellow, and gunmetal tinted lenses, each designed for very specific riding and weather conditions.

What’s even better is that the goggles come with a spare clear lens, which is easy to swap in when you want maximum visibility. But the UV protection on each lens is the main highlight of the Accuri. Comfort-wise, they feature a lightweight frame and very soft foam with decent moisture-wicking properties.

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Scott Goggles

83X Safari Facemask Goggles

Scott Sports 83X Safari Facemask Goggles (Black Frame/Rose Lens)

The facemask design is quite interesting and very practical. The 83X covers your entire face and uses lots of hypoallergenic face foam to ensure a tight fit and to manage the moisture levels. The ACS lens is rose-tinted which helps riders in bright light conditions as well as cloudy weather.

The black frame looks amazing with any MX getup and the UV protection keeps your eyes from getting fatigued.

However, the goggles are not intended for foggy weather as the lens doesn’t have anti-fog treatment.

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Prospect SX Military Appreciation Goggles

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These goggles are a limited edition series designed to honor the troops. The lenses provide a wide field of vision due to their extra height and perfect curvature. The white silicone-lined strap is extra wide and adjustable to facilitate a proper fit.

The blue lens is great at improving the contrast when it’s bright out. A replacement clear lens is included in the package. The face foam is triple-layered for comfort and moisture absorption, and the articulated outriggers further provide balance when riding. The red accents perfectly complement the white strap and blue lens.

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Recoil Xi Goggles

Scott Sports USA Unisex-Adult Recoil Xi Goggles (Red / Clear Works, One Size),246485-0004113

Although this line of goggles comes with an impressive array of strap and frame colors, the lenses are clear for all of them. The new line of Recoil Xi goggles also uses a superior quality hypoallergenic face foam for a better fit and moisture and temperature control.

The goggles are better suited for extreme weather conditions. The anti-fog and condensation lens treatment makes them even better than most models in this price range. The double buckle strap is non-slip and makes up for the lack of outriggers on the frame.

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Fly Racing Goggles

2019 Zone Goggles


These goggles are designed for maximum field of view. From the particular frame style to the lens height and curvature, everything is intended to improve visibility.

The multiple tinted options ensure that Fly Racing has something for every rider. With the Zone goggles being all lightweight and flexible, the weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your dirt bike. And the anti-fog coating and anti-scratch protective layer guarantee it.

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Men’s Focus Goggles

Fly Racing Men's Focus Goggle(Black W/Clear Lens, One Size),1 Pack

These goggles are sealed to perfection thanks to the multi-layered face foam. They have a flexible frame with a bright glossy finish and cool graphic detailing. The lens is clear but also easily replaceable if you prefer a tinted colored lens.

The peripheral vision is high-end in most weather conditions due to the anti-fog treatment applied to the polycarbonate lens. The strap is simple and doesn’t feature a silicone coating but, it is highly adjustable at the back to guarantee a tight fit.

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Men’s Focus Youth Goggles

Fly Racing Men's Focus Youth Goggle (Hi-Vis W/Clear Lens, One Size)

The Focus Youth goggles are pretty much the same as the Men’s Focus, except for the smaller size and fewer color options. The same high gloss frame is featured and the polycarbonate lenses feature the same level of durability (anti-scratch) and visibility (anti-fog treatment).

The frame is a bit more comfortable while retaining the same flexibility. Fly Racing also uses the quick-change lens replacement system to allow young riders to switch from the clear lens to a tinted lens and back.

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Fox Racing Goggles

2019 Race Goggles

Fox Racing 2019 Main Goggles Race Black - Clear Lens

Basic on the outside but high-end in build quality, these 2019 riding goggles have one of the largest viewports on the market. Visibility is off the charts thanks to an extra tall and wide viewport and the sleek frame design.

The lens is clear which further improves visibility, and the anti-fog treatment is always good to have in this price range.

The face foam has three layers and a fleece liner for superior moisture control and a tight seal.

Although there are four color options, the goggles only come with clear Lexan lenses. The lenses feature 100% UV protection for riding in direct sunlight. A non-slip silicone-coated strap is also part of the design to ensure balance and fit.

These Fox Racing goggles are built for ultimate durability and balance in racing conditions. The silicone-coated strap is adjustable and extra wide, which is what makes the goggles a good fit for adult MX riders and pro riders.

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Vue Goggles

Fox Racing Vue Goggles (White)

These Fox Racing goggles are designed to honor the vision of pro rider Ken Roczen. They feature an injection-molded tinted lens, and there are multiple colors available to suit a variety of weather and lighting conditions.

Extra dense face foam is used to facilitate a proper seal and moisture protection. The wide field of vision is the result of the sleek frame and unique lens design. The outrigger system has a quick change feature that makes the goggles even more versatile.

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Do You Need to Wear Goggles?

Absolutely. Dirt bike goggles are just as important as any other piece of protective gear.

Of course, you’ve got to wear a helmet and you should definitely wear boots, but wearing goggles ensures you have proper visibility and depth perception.

The technology has reached a point where high-performance goggles are not super expensive. I recommend spending a few extra bucks and making sure you get high quality dirt bike goggles. You aren’t going to regret being able see.