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A quality helmet is arguably the most important piece of riding gear you’ll buy. When picking good dirt bike helmets there are a lot of variables that come into play. And to be honest, there isn’t really one “top” helmet that every rider should go out and grab.

However, there are a few that I consider to be the “best.”

In addition to some of the points that we’ll discuss here (size, style, fit, quality), there’s a lot to consider before buying a helmet. Just like boots, goggles, gloves and most other pieces of riding gear, MX helmets are available in a WIDE variety of prices, styles and colors.

In many ways, it’s going to come down to personal preference.

Do You Need to Buy a Good Helmet?

Yes, I think you should get a good one. There are many reasons not to pick a “so-so” helmet.

We’ll get into those reasons in a bit.

First, please let me Jerry tell you the real reason we need to pick a quality helmet. 😉

Measuring dirt bike helmets sizing

Yep, pretty easy. Just grab a cloth measuring tape and start from just above your eyebrows and wrap the tape around your dome keeping the tape above your ears and around the widest point on the back of your head.

You may want to try a couple times to make sure that you’re able to get the largest circumference.

Write down the largest measurement; you’ll need that when choosing between small, medium, large, etc.

Top Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

There a LOT of good brands out there. Here are some of the most popular motocross helmet brands.

Again, much of this will eventually come down to personal taste and preference, but these are where you want to start looking.

Arai Helmets Logo


Arai is a fairly small, family company. The Arai helmets are some of the highest quality helmets out there. Although they do not have an extensive line of different dirt bike helmets, they do offer some very nice options. In addition to dirt bike riding helmets, Arai also offers automobile and street, or motorcycle helmets.

As far as their helmets go, Arai is best known for their VX-PRO4 helmets. These helmets generally run between $600-$750.

Check out Arai’s helmets here…

  • 2XS51-51 (20.1-20.5 inches)
    XS53-54 (20.9-21.3 inches)
    SM55-56 (21.7-22 inches)
    MD57-58 (22.4-22.8 inches)
    LG59-60 (23.2-23.6 inches)
    XL61-62 (24-24.4 inches)
    2XL63-64 (24.6-25.2 inches)
    3XL65-66 (25.6-26 inches)
6D Helmets Logo


6D is a young, yet highly influential company. They made a splash in the marketplace in 2013 with the introduction of the ATR-1 helmet. 6D helmets are known for being both cool looking helmets and very safe. They utilize ODS technology to help protect a rider’s brain from linear and angular forces.

The ATR-1 helmets range in price from about $450-$500 while the new-and-improved ATR-2 helmets price range from $650-$700. If you’ve got the money, these are sweet helmets.

Check out 6D helmets here…

  • XS53-54 (20 7/8-21 1/4 inches)
    SM55-56 (21 5/8-22 inches)
    MD57-58 (22 1/2-22 3/4 inches)
    LG58-59 (22 3/4-23 1/4 inches)
    XL60-61 (23 5/8-24 inches)
    2XL62-63 (24 7/16-24 3/4 inches)
Bell Helmets Logo


Establish in 1954, Bell has been around and is a trusted source for helmets – among a few other products. Bell provides high quality helmets for many different applications, including skate, street, dirt, snow and more, and is a partner with Nitro Circus.

Bell’s dirt bike helmets range in price from as low as $150 to as high as $700.

Check out Bell helmets here…

  • 4XS51 (20 1/16 inches)
    3XS52-53 (20 1/2-20 7/8 inches)
    2XS54-55 (21 1/4-21 5/8 inches)
    XS56 (22 inches)
    S57 (22 3/8 inches)
    M58-59 (22 3/4-23 1/4 inches)
    L60 (23 5/8 inches)
    XL61-62 (24-24 3/8 inches)
    2XL63-64 (24 3/4-25 1/4 inches)
    3XL65-66 (25 5/8-26 inches)
    4XL67-68 (26 3/8-26 3/4 inches)
Fly Racing Logo

Fly Racing

Fly Racing is more than just a helmet company. In addition to being known for their helmets, Fly Racing produces some great goggles, pants, jerseys, protective gear, and just about everything else.

And, as coincidental as it is, is the maker of my helmet. 🙂
I’ve got to say… that mine is very comfortable. Everything from the cheek pads, to the chin strap, to the light (but cool looking) outer shell. Heck, even the eye port is well shaped for visibility.

Fly Racing’s motocross helmets are priced from around $120-$320.

Check out Fly Racing helmets here…

  • XS53-54 (20.5-21.25 inches)
    SM55-56 (21.25-22 inches)
    MD57-58 (22-23 inches)
    LG59-60 (23-23.75 inches)
    XL61-62 (24-24.5 inches)
    2XL63-64 (24.5-25.25 inches)
Fox Racing Logo

Fox Racing

Founded by Geoff Fox and started as team Moto-X Fox, Fox Racing has become the industry’s most recognized brands. Not only does Fox make some pretty cool looking helmets, they produce mountain biking gear as well as every-day apparel.

Fox helmets go for anywhere around $170-$500+.

Check out Fox Racing helmets here…

  • XS53-54 (20 7/8 – 21 1/4 inches)
    SM54-56.2 (21 1/4 – 22 1/8 inches)
    MD56.8-58.7 (22 3/8 – 23 1/8 inches)
    LG59.1-60.3 (23 1/4 – 23 3/4 inches)
    XL58.7-62.9 (23 1/8 – 24 3/4 inches)
    2XL61.3-65.4 (24 1/8 – 25 3/4 inches)
Leatt Logo


If you’re in the market for a cool and unique helmet, Leatt has some good ones. Leatt helmets are constructed in carbon, composite, or polycarbonite and are offered in a wide range of styles and colors. The company was started by Dr. Leatt designing and then selling his first neck brace in 2004, after witnesses a tragic death during a 2011 race. Since that time, Leatt has been designing and producing safety-conscience products.

Leatt helmets range from $230-$500.

Check out Leatt helmets here…

  • XS53 – 54 (20.9 – 21.3 inches)
    SM55 – 56 (21.7 – 22 inches)
    MD57 – 58 (22.4 – 22.8 inches)
    LG59 – 60 (23.2 – 23.6 inches)
    XL61 – 62 (24 – 24.4 inches)
    2XL63 – 64 (24.8 – 25.2 inches)
Shoei Logo


Shoei is known for offering premium dirt bike helmets as well as street/motorcycle helmets. What’s cool about Shoei helmets (one of the cool things, anyway) is that they are handmade in Japan. In addition to being known for making some of the top rated motocross helmets, Shoei looks great and FITS great. When it comes to quality, fit, looks, and protection – Shoei really does stand out.

Depending on which model you go for, a Shoei helmet will set you back $350-$720.

Check out the Shoei helmets here…

  • 2XS51 – 52 (20.1 – 20.5 inches)
    XS53 – 54 (20.9 – 21.3 inches)
    SM55 – 56 (21.7 – 22 inches)
    MD57 – 58 (22.4 – 22.8 inches)
    LG59 – 60 (23.2 – 23.6 inches)
    XL61 – 62 (24 – 24.4 inches)
    2XL63 – 64 (24.8 – 25.2 inches)
    3XL65 – 66 (25.6 – 26 inches)
Troy Lee Designs Logo

Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee (as in the man behind the name) has been customizing helmets for racers for over 30 years, and it shows in the helmets they produce. TLD (Troy Lee Designs) has a mission to produce the best looking, most comfortable and lightest motocross helmets in the market… and they do a pretty-darn decent job.

TLD offers their helmets for $225-$650, again, depending on the model you choose.

Check out the Troy Lee Designs helmets here…

  • SE 3 and Air Helmets
    XS53-54 (20.9 – 21.3 inches)
    SM54-56 (21.3 – 22 inches)
    MD56-58 (22 – 22.8 inches)
    LG58-60 (22.8 – 23.6 inches)
    XL60-62 (23.6 – 24.4 inches)
    2XL62-63 (24.4 – 24.8 inches)
    SE4 Helmets
    XS54-55 (21.3 – 21.7 inches)
    SM55-56 (21.7 – 22 inches)
    MD57-58 (22.4 – 22.8 inches)
    LG58-59 (22.8 – 23.2 inches)
    XL60-61 (23.6 – 24 inches)
    2XL62-63 (24.4 – 24.8 inches)

Is that all of the helmet brands out there? Nope.

If you don’t get a helmet from one of those brands does that mean it’s not good? Not necessarily.

Those are just some of the most popular, and in my opinion, they make the best dirt bike helmets. And yes, the helmets that I recommend are made by those brands.