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Picking a pair of MX boots can be daunting. There are tons of options. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of figuring out which ones are the best motocross boots, let me set your mind at ease a little. As long as you choose a boot from one of these well-known brands, you’re probably going to be just fine.

Basically, all of the motocross boots out there are going to be suitable for a wide range of riders. They’re versatile enough to allow you to go trail riding AND pound out some laps on the track.

I’ve broken the following recommendations down to a few categories:

  • Best for the money
  • Under $200 (solid choice)
  • Under $300
  • Cheapest (least recommended)
  • Premium (most recommended)

In-then-end, picking your pair of boots is going to come down to personal taste and what it is that you’re looking for. If I had to choose on boot to recommend out of this list it would be the Tech 7 boots. But again, no matter which ones you pick, you’ll be good.

Best Motocross Boots For the Money

Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots (11) (BROWN)

When it comes to the best motocross boots, Gaerne is no slouch. They are high-quality, comfortable, and pretty cool looking boots.

A large part of the Gaerne Balance boots’ comfort comes from the seven pieces that make up the upper (three of which are leather). This also facilitates dust-proofing as there are fewer seams, which also results in a shorter break-in period and better flexibility.

The boots are quite rugged and suitable for riding long hours with your footing on small pegs. Though not very heavy, the boots offer good support because of the rigid midsoles. However, don’t expect them to be as rigid as most MX boots.

The aluminum buckles are high quality and highly adjustable. The shin guard is injection molded and very hard for another layer of protection you get from the Balance boots. There is but a minor flaw in the design, and that is that the shin guard is a bit lower than you might be accustomed to.

The gum rubber sole should provide a good grip on the pedals. Overall, the boots provide just enough protection and comfort for most MX type trails. The available sizes are from 7 through 12, so larger riders are going to miss out on the Balance boots.

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Under $200

Fox Racing Comp Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Boots - White / 10

The Fox Racing Comp motorcycle boots feature a multitude of protective features as well as some quality of life and comfort features. All of these pluses make these mid-level boots borderline high-end.

The medial design is slimmer than normal in this price range. It comes with a rubber burn guard that allows a more secure and precise connection with the rear end of the bike. There’s also a steel shank around the mid-sole which improves foot stability on the pedal.

The boot comes with the familiar two-in-one strap buckle system which facilitates a quick step-in. The break-in period is not long due to the design and the composite upper.

If you’re looking for even more protection, the Comp boots have you covered. There are TPU plates for shin plate, calf guard, as well as medial and toe cap. The Duratac outsole further improves the pedal grip while the memory foam internal cushion ensures proper ankle support while leaving the boots flexible enough to use on many terrains.

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Under $300

Gaerne G-Adventure Men's Black Motocross Boots - 10

The G-Adventure boots are the best suited for riders who demand high-quality waterproofing on every ride. The upper is full-grain leather that maximizes waterproofing and facilitates flexibility by having smoother joints than most MX boots.

The break-in period varies depending on the size, but these boots aren’t made to be ride-ready out of the box. They are plenty adjustable thanks to the design of the three buckles. Although they are made of plastic, they’re rugged and durable.

The sole is a bit thicker than some first-time riders may like but you can easily gain an inch and a half with these boots on. Once broken-in, the level of control and stability is excellent. The lower shin guard is reminiscent of other Gaerne boots.

There may be a slight overheating problem because of the cushioned interior. That being said, the boots are mostly designed for wet and colder weather rather than breathability when riding in the desert.

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O'Neal Rider Boots (Black, Size 12)

Newcomers to motocross may find changing gears to be the most difficult part. Working the foot lever can indeed be a difficult task if you’re not wearing the right shoes. O’Neal has come out with a Rider Boot that is designed to facilitate quick shifting by giving the rider extra leverage.

Cost-wise, these O’Neal boots are as affordable as motocross boots come. The metal toe guard is high quality and the interior is generous with extra heel support and cushioning on the insole.

A synthetic leather shield is added to prevent heat damage to the boots. A rear pull tab is what gives the rider extra leverage and stability. The overall slim design allows one to slip comfortably into the boots and work the shifter in tight situations.

The lightweight design also helps and it’s perhaps 50% why these boots are among the best for shifting out of the box. There’s little breaking in to be done and the four buckles ensure a very comfortable fit. While these boots may not feature impressive protective layers, they are durable enough to handle most off-road situations.

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Fox Instinct Dirt Bike Boots

The Fox Racing 2019 Instinct Boots cater to even the most hardcore Enduro and Motocross riders. The slim design provides a superior level of control over the pedals, which can make the bike easier to control on rugged terrain.

One thing of note is that the boots tend to run small; therefore, you may need to order one size larger than what you usually wear if you’re ordering online.

The open sole pattern and Duratac rubber make these boots highly sure-footed. This helps offset the thicker sole which may feel a bit different. The price point is up there but the Fox Racing Instinct Boots score off the charts in comfort, style, and practicality.

Comfort and protection aside, these boots are really made for traction in any weather and terrain. With the adjustable hinges, you can make sure that your leg and knee protective gear is aligned and fits just right to ensure maximum freedom of motion.

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Best Dirt Bike Boots for Trail Riding

Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown, Size 11 US/Size 45 Euro)

There aren’t many midrange MX boots that feature high-end features but the Forma Adventure Boots are one of the few exceptions. The TPU inserts as well as the many reinforcements and protections keep you pretty safe on rugged terrains.

Aside from the protection, these Forma boots are also made for comfort. The interior padding is soft memory foam and there’s an APS footbed. All of these features guarantee comfort even when riding for hours.

The boots are also breathable and have a good waterproof rating due to the Drytex lining. Another feature is the lightweight sole, which can be a plus for many people but might make them unsuitable for kick-start bikes or rugged MX-style foot pegs.

The leather upper gives the boots a very polished look and it’s more than enough for anything short of professional adventure riding.

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Best for Enduro

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Alpinestars is known for making some of the best MX boots. The Tech 7 boots are made with a new, dual compound sole that makes for a comfortable fit… and they’re replaceable.

To make the fitting and wear-ability of these boots shine, Alpinestars feature a profiled shin plate with an internal layer of microfiber and an adjustable buckle. The buckle system includes high-quality material and a nice quick-release and locking system. Also, if you happen to brake a buckle, they’re replaceable.

The Alpinestars Tech 7 MX boots also provide great protection. They have a high-strength sole, TPU ankle protection, TPU shin plate and medial protection, a calf protector plate.

All-in-all, these boots are awesome. They’re made with quality materials and they’re made right. You may wonder why I’m not listing the Tech 10 boots as “the best” overall boots. Honestly, the Tech 10 are undeniably better but for the price difference and what you actually get, I recommend the Tech 7.  Unless you’re always on the track, the Tech 7’s (even if you are on the track) are great and work great.

Sure, if you’ve got a hundred extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket, splurge for the Tech 10s, otherwise, just stick with the Tech 7s.

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Do You Need Motocross Boots?

Absolutely, yes you need to have boots to ride. I would rate them second, only to a quality helmet.

It may seem like motocross boots are a dime a dozen, and although most of them seem similar on paper, the reality is that they can be very different.

No two pairs are alike since the manufacturers tend to have their own way of sizing and implementing the various protective or comfort features. But this also means that you can find a pair of MX boots to suit your needs, whether you’re willing to splurge or have to stick to a tight budget.