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You know you need car insurance, but what about dirt bike insurance? Some experts say that it is better to have insurance for your dirt bike than it is for other vehicles you own.

This article investigates why they claim it is better to have insurance and why it might be a safe option. Even if you don’t ride a dirt bike on the road, you should keep in mind that accidents happen.

Dirt Bike Insurance`

But keep on reading and find out for yourself whether having insurance for your dirt bike is the wise decision to make.

Why You Need Insurance For Your Dirt Bike

There are several reasons you would want to have insurance for your dirt bike. We will look at the most important ones.

Riding on the Road (Street Legal)

Making your dirt bike street legal will require you to get insurance to use it on the road. In this case, it will be like it is with every other type of vehicle you own and use on public roads.

It is also necessary to have insurance for your dirt bike if you buy one that is street legal right from the start. That is because you will have to register it to be used on the road and make it street worthy and safe.

The law states then that you must have insurance for that vehicle. Check with the laws of your state for requirements.

Buying a Dirt Bike On Credit

When you buy a dirt bike through the bank, they want to protect their asset. You can buy the dirt bike through the bank while they finance your purchase with interest and a monthly payback option.

The other option is to get a personal loan from your bank and buy the dirt bike by paying cash. There is also a third option: buy the dirt bike from the dealership and pay them off over a couple of months.

Except for the cash loan, the dealership financier or the bank will need insurance on the dirt bike with all these methods.

In Case It Gets Stolen1

Nothing is safe from thieves in this world where the property of others is not respected, or in the case of high joblessness. This is something you need to consider with things getting stolen very easily from your premises, even when locked up in a garage.

Your home insurance may not cover your dirt bike if it is stolen in a parking area at the shopping center. If you go on a quick ride to the local shop and it gets stolen from the front of the shop, it also might not be covered.

When you buy a dirt bike, you must consider all these things to help protect your financial assets and property.

Crashing Your Dirt Bike

Even if you never ride the dirt bike on the road and buy it with spare cash, there are other things to consider. You can easily have an accident and collide with someone’s expensive four-by-four while taking the bike for a ride.

While you are on the dirt road, there might be other people around, and one of them might just run in front of you. Or something can go wrong, and you ride your bike into some innocent spectators along the dirt road.

Let’s face it, nobody wants this type of accident to happen, but unfortunately, these types of accidents happen. While it’s always a good idea to keep yourself safe by wearing all the protective gear (boots, helmet, chest protector, etc.), as well as your bike (radiator braces, skid plates, etc.), accidents will happen. In this case, good coverage on the dirt bike may make up for some of the damage caused by the accident.

Other Reasons For Dirt Bike Insurance

When you buy a dirt bike, you expect it to last for at least long enough so you can enjoy riding on it. With so many unpredictable things happening in life, you can’t be sure about anything. A fire in your garage can destroy your dirt bike.

Insurance will add some extra cost to your hobby, but anything can happen to take that away from you. If you think about it, you will be happy that you have insurance on your dirt bike if any of these things happen.

Is Insurance On a Dirt Bike Expensive?

The cost of insurance will depend on a long list of factors such as your age, your driving record, and what is included with the coverage. You can either get insurance to cover the damage taken by the accident or replace your dirt bike.

Depending on inclusions, this might cost you anything from $25 per month to $70 or even $100 per month.

Should You Get Dirt Bike Coverage?

Reading this article will convince you that it is safe and wise to have insurance on your dirt bike. But it all depends on whether you want to insure your bike against theft or even a total write-off in case of an accident.

You might also want to have insurance if you’re in an accident where you are liable for covering the damage caused.