What are the Best Dirt Bike Hand Grips? (Arm Pump, Blisters, Fatigue)

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Quality dirt bike hand grips are (as you probably know) one of the essentials to having a good ride. They give you more control, reduce vibration, reduce blisters, and some of the best grips for arm pump can be picked up for basically the same price as a “standard” pair.

BUT… you need a grip that actually works.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple case of going on Amazon and choosing the cheapest grips you find.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Dirt Bike Hand Grips

Even though we’re going to look at the best dirt bike hand grips available, we don’t want to leave it there. So, before we get to that, let’s go through the things you should look for when shopping for grips.

Grip Density

Similar to the variations of dirt bike tires, there are 3 hand grip densities: soft, medium and hard. If you’re after more detail, stick with is. If you don’t, feel free to skip some bits!

  • Soft Grip
    These guys are fab for when the weather turns sour or your trail riding most of the time. Why? They give you the most grip. Plus, they absorb vibrations better than the other densities. A trail rider’s best friend we think!
  • Medium Grip
    Medium grips are good allrounders. They absorb lots of vibration, provide a great grip, and they don’t wear your gloves out. As you can probably tell, we love ’em!
  • Hard
    In my opinion, the biggest advantage of hard is that they last longer than the soft or medium options. But you won’t get as much grip or control. Oh, and you’ll feel more vibrations. Don’t get us wrong, they do have their merits; they’re just not our favorite.

Grip Texture

Once you’ve made the gut-wrenchingly tough decision between soft, medium or hard, there’s texture to consider.

  • Full Diamond
    You’ll notice a pattern that looks like lots of diamond-shaped gems connected across the entire grip. Shocker, right?
  • Full Waffle
    Imagine a waffle. Do you see it? With the little rectangular holes? Good! Now, picture it covering a dirt bike grip and you’ve got yourself a full waffle. These are the most “grippy” and are great for trail riders.
  • Half/Half Waffle/Diamond
    So, you know the diamond and waffle textures we just talked about? Well, mash them together and you’ve got 50/50 grips. Typically, the diamond part will be on the top and the waffle on the bottom. Why? For maximum control and comfort. For all you motocross riders out there, these are the babies for you.
  • Pillow Top
    Pro Taper – it’s a brand, you’ve probably heard of it – pretty much invented the pillow top. Consisting of little raised squares, it’s made to be rather comfy (hence “pillow”). It works, so we can’t complain.

Top 5 Dirt Bike Hand Grips

Anyway, on to the bit you’re really here for. And to those who jumped straight to this part, hello to you.

Renthal Hand Grips

Renthal G165 Natural Diamond/Waffle Kevlar Resin/Firm Compound Motocross Grip

Renthal is one of the best when it comes to high-quality products – and these grips are no exception.

As the name suggests, they’re made with unbelievably durable kevlar resin. You won’t find more resilient ones, no matter where you look.

These particular grips are part of the company’s Dual Series. You can expect a firm compound on the inside and a soft one on the hand contact points.

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KTM Dual Compound Grips

KTM CLOSED END COMPOUND HAND GRIPS 1999-2013 300 350 450 XC XCW EXC 63002021100

When it comes to rough terrain and trail riding, which company comes to mind? Yep, KTM.

They certainly kept the bar high with their enduro grips. They are dual compound (hence the name) to give you the most comfortable hold even when the race is intense.

Another big plus point? The ends are ridiculously resilient so don’t worry about rip-roaring through the forest.

Although you should probably have a KTM bike if you want to rock these, that’s not a necessity.

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Renthal Black Diamond Grips

Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond Firm Compound Motocross Grip

Renthal is back at it again with their G091s.

The sleek diamond texture has a good grip while somehow maintaining a smooth feel. You can choose your compound here – that’s how great Renthal.

They come in two colors – black and grey. We prefer the black ones but they’re both available on Amazon.

You truly feel like you’re getting a fully customized product with the G091s. Pick your compound, choose your color and ride away.

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Pro Taper Pillow Lite Grips

Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip - Twist Throttle (Black)

For those of you with a gang of dirt biker buddies, Pro Taper is probably a household name by now. Usually, you’ll find people rocking these – and for good reason.

Honestly, we’re sat here thinking, “how did they get to be so good?”. It’s undoubtedly something to do with the fact that their entire company focus is dirt bike handlebars.

Their Pillow Lite model showcases a raised block pattern which is not only stylish but seriously comfy. You can thank the Kraton rubber for that level of plushness (and traction).

Although, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies over at Pro Taper (it mostly is, but still). They aren’t exactly very slim. If this is important to you, Renthal is a much better alternative. The thickness does make for great vibration protection though. But, if you’re anything like us, slim is where it’s at.

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Scott Dirt Bike Grips

Scott Sports 219626-1089 Green/Black Diamond Motorcycle Grips

Although Scott is known mostly for their riding goggles, they do know how to look after us with their dual-density grips. They’re made to decrease arm fatigue but also allow you to keep your bike under control. It’s a win-win.

Even though we can’t say that any bike grip (or anything else for the matter) is perfect, these hit pretty close to the mark. They’re wonderfully soft, durable and have substantial grip. Everything they should be. Magic.

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Go On, Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself Meme

You really can’t go wrong with any of these 5 dirt bike grips. They’re all comfortable, durable and straight-up stylish. What are you waiting for? We know you’re dying to try them.