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Are your children into dirt bikes? Are you into dirt bikes and want your children to be into dirt bikes? Well, that is where training wheels come in. Here are the best dirt bike training wheels on the market today.

Finding a good kid’s dirt bike can be a challenge. But your journey doesn’t end there. Next, you’ve got to find the right dirt bike training wheels. Don’t sweat it though – here’s a list of the three very best training wheels so you can make an easy decision.

The best dirt bike training wheels will fit your kid’s bike correctly, provide stability, and will last. In my opinion, this is a list of ONLY the top training wheels for kids dirt bikes.

Top Rated Dirt Bike Training Wheels

Hardline Products 1602-UT-H Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel , Black, 8 inch


This set of dirt bike training wheels made by Hardline Products fits all 50cc entry-level dirt bikes so is perfect if you (or your child) doesn’t want to stick to a particular brand.

Not to mention, the universal aspect of these wheels runs deeper than the bikes they fit, they can also be adjusted to suit any terrain and any rider’s skill level. So, even when your child becomes more proficient, you won’t have to reinvest into their training wheels — just alter the same set!

The hardened bolts with lock nuts and the sturdy steel axel ensure this product can withstand a knock or two; this is exactly what you need for the dirt biking world. However, bear in mind that the more expensive, branded training wheels are more durable (as you will see from the others down below).

Cornering and shock absorption comes in abundance with this Hardline Products wheelset thanks to the spacing tolerance on the axle.

Positive Reviews

  • Fits all 50cc entry-level motorcycles
  • Adjustable for terrain
  • Adjustable for a rider’s skill level
  • Absorbant for terrain impact
  • Wheel spacing tolerance for great cornering

Negative Reviews

  • Not as sturdy as Yamaha and Honda models
  • Some have said it isn’t universal for all 50cc bikes
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NOTE: After you pick out some training wheels, make sure to check out this article these dirt bike spoke skins. They’re an inexpensive way to make your kid’s bike even better (looking).

Best Dirt Bike Training Wheels for Yamaha

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Yamaha Training Wheels

This training wheel set is made by Yamaha and can be adjusted from 0 inches to 5 inches away from the ground so, as your child becomes increasingly better balanced, you can help them build their confidence.

It has been stated that these wheels are “the best design in the industry” so you can guarantee you are getting an amazing amount of quality for your money.

Yamaha has designed these with expert knowledge as this product does not attach straight to the engine like others, which causes a lot of damage if your child crashes or goes over a big bump.

Not to mention, the wheels are perfect for all sorts of terrain so you don’t have to chop and change before riding out on an explorative adventure. The wheel lock collars ensure that this truly is the case as they provide a truly stable fit.

Plus, Yamaha is proud to say that “safety is our main goal” so you can be sure that your child is as safe and protected as possible.

Positive Reviews

  • Adjustable wheel height
  • Fits all Yamaha TTR50s
  • “Best design in the industry”
  • Safe
  • Sturdy
  • Great for all terrains

Negative Reviews

  • Only fits certain Yamaha bikes
No products found.

Adjustable Training Wheels for Honda Dirt Bikes

RSLLC Adjustable Motorcycle Training Wheels for Honda CRF 50, XR 50 and Z 50 - Bike NOT Included

RSLLC Dirt Bike Training Wheels

Of course, Honda is a big brand name and so, we all know they create quality items.

Like the other two models, this set of dirt bike training wheels is also adjustable so your child can continue to develop their confidence and use these until they’re ready to take the off.

Plus, like the above Yamaha model, the training wheels are bolted to the frame and not the engine.

Not to mention, the lifetime warranty on the axle negates any doubts that may have been caused because you know your money is safe.

Positive Reviews

  • Quickly adjustable
  • Fits all CRF 50, XR 50 and Z 50 Honda models
  • Will not rust or chip
  • Lifetime warranty on the axle
  • Safe

Negative Reviews

  • Only fits certain Honda bikes
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So, the brand of dirt bike you have will depend on the training wheelset you can purchase. However, we have provided you with the three best models on the market and, if in doubt, go with our number one spot – these Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots training wheels.