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Are you looking at dirt bikes for 8 year olds and having a hard time determining which one is the best? There are a few choices out there, but I wouldn’t want to stick my eight year old on just any of one of them.

More often than not, 8 year olds are just getting started in their dirt bike riding journey. And, while some kids have their eyes set on racing motocross, others just want to go trail riding with dad.

Dirt bike behind 8 year olds

Therefore, depending on the size and personality of your child, there isn’t just one dirt bike that is the best for every rider. With this in mind, we’ll look at the best beginner dirt bikes for 8-year-olds for trail riding. If you, or your child, is ready to bump up to an even bigger bike, I’ve put together a list of dirt bikes for 10-year-olds that has a few other options.

Honda Dirt Bikes for 8-Year-Olds

As you may already know from reading a few of my other posts, I like Honda dirt bikes for kids… and adults. I grew up riding Honda’s and I’ve tried (and owned) a few other brands, but these have to be my favorite. The best? Not always, but still my fav.

There have been quite-a-few popular Honda dirt bikes for kids throughout the years. The XR70, XR80, CRF70, and CRF80 have all come and gone, but they still are solid options. Of course, if you’re in the market for one of those, you’ll have to buy used because Honda is no longer producing them.

Honda CRF110F

If you are looking for a beginner dirt bike that will be easy to learn on, this is a solid choice. This isn’t one of Honda’s race-ready competition bikes, which is a good thing for most beginners.

Honda CRF110F dirt bike on white background

Overall, the CRF110F is a good dirt bike for a young (or small) rider who’s just starting out or who is ready to move up from a 50cc. Best of all, when your kid outgrows the dirt bike, you now have a great little pit bike for yourself. Win-win.

Positive Reviews

  • Honda dependability
  • Great suspension for lighter riders
  • Low seat height
  • Easy to maintain
  • No mixing gas
  • Lightweight
  • Electric and kickstart

Negative Reviews

  • Not a racing or jumping bike
  • Requires mods to be a good pit bike
  • Not meant for riders over 135 pounds
  • Used dirt bikes can be neglected

Overall, these are great dirt bikes for kids to learn on and enjoy. The horsepower and torque is controllable and practical. For more details about this dirt bike for 8-year-olds, check out this review for the Honda CRF110F seat height and other specs.

Honda XR100R

The Honda XR100R is another great option for kids. These dirt bikes are known for being strong, reliable, and low-maintenance.

The XR100 is one of the best used four stroke dirt bikes for 8-year-olds because of the low seat height, smooth power, and Honda’s famous durability. With these, you can basically leave your dirt bike tools at home because of how well they’re built.

Honda XR100R dirt bike

Eventually, this bike was discontinued because it lacked the superior suspension, performance, and lightweight handling and appeal the younger generation is looking for.


  • Honda’s proven reliability
  • Good power and torque for beginners and small riders
  • Beginner-friendly power, handling, and size
  • Easy to find used
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Simple to work on and maintain
  • Smooth, controllable power from the Honda 100cc engine
  • Fairly easy to find parts
  • Low seat height (30.5″)


  • Does not have electric start
  • Not race-ready
  • Discontinued in 2003

The XR100’s seat height of 30.5 inches makes it a good size dirt bike for a 10 year old who is around 5’1″ and taller.

For more details, check out this review for how the Honda XR100-R seat height and other specs come together to make a great all-around dirt bike.

Kawasaki Dirt Bikes for 8-Year-Olds

Although Kawasaki dirt bikes aren’t one of the most popular dirt bike brands for adults, they are well-known for their smaller dirt bikes. The different Kawasaki dirt bikes for kids have a reputation for having great little motors.

Kawasaki KLX110R

The Kawasaki KLX 110R is actually 112cc, 4 stroke dirt bike. It is made for beginners and trail riding, but it has also gained quite a fan-base as one of the all-time best pit bikes for adults.

Kawasaki KLX 110 on white background

For adults, the KLX110 is great for cruising around your property, racing your buddies on a mini-moto track, and for using as one of the best pit bikes around. But that’s not all, it’s also great for 8 year old riders.

Positive Reviews

  • Proven reliability
  • Beginner-friendly power and handling
  • Good power and torque for beginner riders
  • Simple to work on and maintain
  • Smooth, controllable power from the Kawasaki 110cc
  • Electric start

Negative Reviews

  • Suspension isn’t good for big or aggressive riders
  • Many used KLX 110 dirt bikes have been neglected (need minimal maintenance)
  • Hard to find newer models for sale
  • Famous for being pit bikes… but need mods to be good ones

With a seat height of 26.8 inches, the KLX110 is good size for someone 4’10” – 5′ tall, however that’s just a very rough estimate.

For more details, and to see if this Kawasaki 110 dirt bike would be a good fit for what you need, I put all of the info together in a full review.

Kawasaki KLX110R-L

The KLX110R-L is almost the same dirt bike as the “R” mode, but with a few alterations. The main differences between the two are in sizing, suspension, and a manual clutch.

Kawasaki KLX 110L on white background

The taller, KLX110R-L has a seat height of 28.7 inches. This taller “L” model also has more ground clearance, longer suspension travel, bigger wheels/tires, and it comes with a manual clutch.

Because of the taller seat height, the KLX110R-L is a good dirt bike for tall 8 year olds who are taller than average, but don’t want a bigger bike. And although this isn’t an adult dirt bike, using one as a pit bike wouldn’t be a bad idea.


  • Proven reliability
  • Beginner-friendly power and handling
  • Good power and torque for beginner riders
  • Simple to work on and maintain
  • Smooth, controllable power from the Kawasaki 110cc
  • Electric start


  • Suspension isn’t good for heavy or aggressive riders
  • Hard to find newer models for sale
  • Famous for being pit bikes… but need mods to be great

With a seat height of 28.7 inches, the KLX110R-L is a good fit for an 8 year old boy or girl that is around 5′ or taller. Of course, each circumstance and rider is different.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes for 8-Year-Olds

If you gravitate towards team blue, rest assured… there are some great Yamaha dirt bikes for kids out there.

Here are the best choices for young kids in this age group.

Yamaha TT-R110E

The Yamaha TT-R110E was released in 2008 as a “new-and-improved” version of the TT-R90. Compared to the 90cc dirt bike, this 110cc dirt bike came with an updated motor, body work, and chassis.

Yamaha TT-R110E on white background

These are great for cruising around your property and going on adventures in the woods. They can be used as a pit bike for adults, however the KLX110 is a more popular option for that.

Positive Reviews

  • Proven reliability
  • Beginner-friendly power and handling
  • Good power and torque for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Simple to work on and maintain
  • Smooth, controllable power from the Yamaha 110
  • Electric start
  • Can be a decent pit bike

Negative Reviews

  • Suspension isn’t great for big or aggressive riders
  • Many used TTR’s have been neglected (because they run forever)
  • Not as popular as a KLX 110 pit bike

Overall, these are great dirt bikes for children, and even some small adults or “normal” size adults that would like a little pit bike. For more details, I put together a full review of this Yamaha 110 dirt bike that goes over all of the specs, characteristics, and more.

Yamaha TT-R90

Even though this kid’s dirt bike is no longer in production, the Yamaha TT-R90 is also a good size motorcycle for 8 year olds, if you can find a nice one.

Yamaha TTR90 dirt bike on white background

The TTR90 seat height of 24.6 inches makes it a good dirt bike for a 8 year old who is around 4’8″ tall. Circumstances and rider’s ability are unique, so this is just an estimate.

Positive Reviews

Here are the main positives:

  • Proven reliability
  • Beginner-friendly power and handling
  • Low seat height
  • Simple to work on and maintain
  • Electric start (on some years)
  • No clutch
  • Can be a decent pit bike

Negative Reviews

Here are the main problems:

  • Suspension isn’t great for larger kids
  • Many used TTR’s have been neglected (because they run forever)
  • Not as popular as a the TTR110

Overall, these are great beginner dirt bikes for kids. The horsepower and torque is controllable and practical. Check out this Yamaha TTR 90 review for more details about this dirt bike for 8 year olds.

Sizing Guide

Below is a dirt bike sizing chart that shows the average height of children, as well as an estimated range for the seat height to match.

Even though the engine size does play a role in determining what size dirt bike to get, it’s not the most important thing to look at. Generally, the seat height will play a more significant role.

Average Height of 8 Year Olds

Not every child is going fit these ranges perfectly. These are just averages that the CDC has put together. And no, the CDC does not mention how tall a dirt bike should be for a 8 year old.

AgeHeight of FemalesHeight of MalesSeat Height
12’3″-2’7″ (27 – 31″)2’3″-2’8″ (28 – 32″)
22’7″-3′ (31.5 – 36″)2’8″-3’1″ (32 – 37″)
32’10”-3’4″ (34.5 – 40″)2’11”-3’4″ (35.5 – 40.5″)
43’1″-3’6″ (37 – 42.5″)3’1″-3’7″ (37.5 – 43″)
63’6″-4’1″ (42 – 49″)3’6″-4’1″ (42 – 49″)18″
83’11”-4’6″ (47 – 54″)3’11”-4’6″ (47 – 54″)18-22″
104’2″-4’11” (50 – 59″)4’2″-4’11” (50.5 – 59″)18-27″
124’7″-5’4″ (55 – 64″)4’6″-5’3″ (54 – 63.5″)22-32″
144’11”-5’7″ (59 – 67.5″)4’11”-5’9″ (59 – 69.5″)27-37″
165′-5’8″ (60 – 68″)5’3-6’1″ (63 – 73″)28-38″
185′-5’8″ (60 – 68.5″)5’5-6’2″ (65 – 74″)28-38″

According to this chart, an average 8 year old is 3’11”-4’6″ (47 – 54″) tall. With that height, a recommended starting point for a dirt bike is 22″ or less. Again, this is just an estimate and you should have your child sit on a few different dirt bikes to get a sense of what feels like a comfortable height to them.

What Size Dirt Bike for 8 Year Old?

In addition to a rider’s height, their experience and abilities will also help to determine which size dirt bike is best for your 8 year old.

For example, here are the ages and dirt bike sizes that are generally accepted as a “good place to start.”

  • 3-6 year olds: 50cc
  • 6-8 year olds: 50-80cc
  • 8-10 year olds: 80-110cc
  • 10-12 year olds: 110-150cc
  • 12-14 year olds: 125-200cc
  • 15-18 year olds: 125-250cc
  • 18 and over: 125cc-500cc

As we can see, the 80cc dirt bikes are considered a good size for an eight year old. But that’s not the whole story.

The main dirt bike brands are making slightly different sizes, so you may not be able to find many 80 or 90cc trail bikes. Instead, they’re producing the 110cc sized bikes.

Is a Mini Dirt Bike for a 8 Year Old

Please don’t get annoyed, but again… this depends on the 8-year-old.

Generally speaking, the 50cc dirt bikes are geared more for 5-7 year olds, but that doesn’t mean that a small (or timid) 8 year old couldn’t ride one.

Buyers Guide

These small dirt bikes with 50-100cc engines do keep their value well. It could be because our kids aren’t pushing their bikes too hard and we’re hoping they’re going to last a long time (which they usually do), or it could be that they’re quickly outgrown so they’re still in decent shape when it comes time to sell.

Either way, I think it’s still worth checking to see what they cost used (especially since that’s the only way you’ll be able to buy a few of these top picks).

Sometimes you can find a cheap dirt bike for kids that has been well taken care of. If you do, act quickly. They tend to sell fast as well.

Are Dirt Bikes Safe for 8 Year Olds?

In general, yes, dirt bikes are safe for 8 year olds. But there’s more to the story.

Of course, taking your kid out trail riding would technically be more “dangerous” than sitting in the house and playing the Monster Supercross video game. But as long as you teach your child safety and take it easy while they learn, riding dirt bikes is relatively safe.

Having the right safety gear is also a big one. Of course, you’re child needs to wear a helmet, but the other armor and gear is also important. Without having good goggles you can get rocks and dirt flung in your eyes, so those are a must. Also, if I had an eight year old that I was taking riding, I’d look into some youth chest protectors, elbow and knee pads, gloves, and boots.

Where to Buy

There are only so many options to buying your 8 year old a dirt bike. Here are the four that come to mind:

  1. Buy new (local dealer)
  2. Search online (FB Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.)
  3. Look in a newspaper (if you can find one printed still)
  4. Ask a friend (or friend-of-a-friend)

I’m sure you’re already aware of these options. Certainly nothing new here. Moving on.

Dirt Bike Pricing

Can we rely on Kelley Blue Book or JD Power (used to be NADA) for accurate pricing? I’ve found that these two websites do provide a decent average sales prices, but searching your local options will give you a more exact price range.

For example, here is XR100R dirt bike for sale that I found on Facebook Marketplace:

  • 2003 Honda XR100R – $2,000 OBO
    Fully stock. Runs perfect and has a brand new rear shock. I have title and registration has been out since 2010.

Yes, this is only one example (there were a handful more when I looked this up), but according to JD power, a 2003 XR100 should be listed for $2,099. Seems accurate.

As another example, here is a TTR110 dirt bike for sale that I found on Craigslist website:

the nicest one I found was a 2013 Yamaha TT-R110E for sale for $2,200.

Here’s the ad:

  • 2013 Yamaha TT-R110E – $2,200
    2013 Yamaha TTR 110. Electric start and kickstart, brand new battery, just professionally serviced, super cool bike.

If you look up a 2020 Yamaha TTR110 (for example) on JD Power, you will find that the “average retail price” is $2,005.