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Are you looking to buy a Honda XR100R or do you already have one and you’d like some more info on it? Yes? Well, good. Here’s a full Honda XR100R review that will cover all of the bike’s important specs, reviews, strengths and weaknesses of this great, kid-friendly Honda dirt bike.

By the end of this review, my hope is that you have a good idea of whether this is the right dirt bike for you.

Unfortunately for all of the die-hard XR100 fans, the Honda XR100R dirt bike is no longer in production and has been replaced by it’s higher performance sibling… the Honda CRF. Namely, the CRF110F.

However, In my (personal) opinion, if you find a used Honda XR100R in good condition, you should definitely consider buying it. This bike is a solid choice and no, Honda doesn’t pay me to say that (sadly).

The Honda XR100 R was the first dirt bike that my brother really rode. We both started riding ATVs, but I eventually moved to two wheels… the XR was the first bike I “owned” and rode.

In short; I’m a huge fan of Honda and the XR line up. I’ve ridden a handful of Honda XR 250 cc dirt bikes, and plenty others from Honda. These bikes have earned their good reputation.

What is a Honda XR100R?

Overall, the XR100R is a great trail riding dirt bike for kids. If you want to start your child on a strong, reliable, low-maintenance dirt bike for learning on, this is a fantastic choice. These aren’t just smaller versions of a XR400 or XR650 either. They’re quite a bit different, but still SOLID bikes with just as good of a reputation.

The XR100 is great four stroke for cruising around the property, going on mini-adventures, and even trail riding. Eventually, this bike was discontinued because it lacked the superior suspension, performance, and lightweight handling and appeal the younger generation is looking for. No doubt, the new CRF110R dirt bikes are more of a kids motocross bike than these are.

If the discontinuation makes you wonder, don’t… where this kid’s motorcycle obviously lacks in the most modern tech, it makes up for it in ride-ability, personality, handling, durability, and so much more.

Should You Buy or Not?

Overall, the XR 100R is a great trail riding dirt bike and is one of the best dirt bikes for kids available. If you want a good bike to learn and you’re in the younger age range, or buying for someone young, this is a solid choice.

Depending on your personality and age (or your child’s) this really is a great dirt bike for learning on.

What’s my point? The Honda XR 100 R is sized, geared, and handles perfectly for learning to ride.


The Honda XR100R dirt bikes came out in 1985 and quickly became a top choice from 1985 to 2003, when it was finally discontinued for a newer model. Here is quick paragraph from Wikipedia that goes the Honda XR100 years and history:

“Debuting in orange in 1985, the color of the XR100 changed over the years… 1987 white front and rear fenders… Since the bike debuted, the most notable difference between it and the standard XR100 is the use of the single coil-over adjustable Honda Pro-Link swing-arm suspension system instead of the older twin single coil-over shocks. The gas tank shifted from metal to plastic…”

NOTE: The “Honda XR100” (without the “R”) was made from 1981-1984. In 1985, Honda upgraded the rear suspension to a mono-shock and upgraded the swing-arm on the bike, and released it as the XR100R (with the “R”).

Honda XR100R Specs

Engine Type99 cc, 4-Stroke, Air Cooled, Single
Bore and Stroke53.0mm x 45.0mm
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Valve TrainSingle cylinder SOHC; four-valve
Carburetion22mm Keihin / 92 main / 35 pilot
Final Drive1981-1984: 428×112 chain
1985-1989: 428×118 chain
1990-2003: 428×118 chain
GearingFront sprocket: 14T
Rear sprocket: 50T
TiresFront: 2.50-19
Rear: 3.00-16
Wheelbase49.4 inches (1255mm)
Rake (Caster Angle)29.87°
Trail103.0mm (4.1 inches)
Seat Height30.5 inches (775mm)
Ground Clearance10 inches (254mm)
Wet Weight174 pounds (79kg)
Dry Weight165 pounds (75kg)
Fuel Capacity1.5 gallons (0.3-gallon reserve)

I’ve picked out the main specs that most of us are looking for, plus I’ve added a few of my own. Here they are:

Manufacturer: Honda
Model Name: XR100R, XR 100 R, XR 100
Dirt Bike Name: Honda XR100R
Dirt Bike Type: Offroad, Trail dirt bike
Years Made: 1985-2003

Seat Height: 30.5”
Dry Weight: 165 lbs (no gas)
Top Speed: 50 mph
Horsepower: 10 hp

Honda XR100R Engine & Transmission

Honda dirt bikes are well-known for being durable, dependable, and easy to maintain. No news there.

Th XR100R dirt bike’s maintenance schedule isn’t anywhere near as involved as a typical motocross bike. When it comes to maintenance, that means keeping your Honda XR100R running strong and reliably isn’t too much work. Basically, as long as you’ve got oil, gas, and a small Honda tool kit, you should have years of trouble-free riding from these bikes. These engines (and bikes, overall) were designed to keep going with minimal effort. Basically, as long as the oil is topped off and it has gas… it’s probably going to run!

In addition to it being long-lasting and dependable, the Honda XR100 dirt bikes are an absolute joy to ride. As soon as I jumped on my brothers’ Honda XR80R (he soon after got the XR100R) I knew these bikes were going to be fun.


The Honda XR100R has 10 horsepower. With only 10 HP, you might be wondering if it’s enough. Surprisingly, it probably is.

With the design of these bikes and their power output, the horsepower goes straight to your rear tire and it hooks up even better than a typical 2 stoke or other race bike.

The XR definitely won’t send the same roost as a one of the 80 cc two-stroke, but but you (or your youngster) be able roll the throttle on and control every bit of power the bike does have.

Top Speed

The Honda XR100R top speed is 50 mph. However, If you or the previous owner geared the dirt bike down for trails, it won’t be as fast. On the other hand, if you (or they) geared up, it could go faster. Gearing plays a significant role in the delivery of your bike’s power.

So assuming the bike has stock gearing, a Honda XR100R dirt bike should go around 45-55 miles per hour… which is plenty fast for a kid’s trail dirt bike.

Engine Specs

Engine Size: 99cc (considered a 100cc)
Horsepower: 10 HP
Engine Type: 99 cc, 4-Stroke, Air Cooled, Single
Valve Train: SOHC, 4-valve, four-stroke, Single-cylinder
Transmission: 5-speed, manual-clutch
Starting: Kick start
Cooling System: Air-cooled
Fuel Capacity: 1.5 gallons (0.3-gallon reserve)
Fuel Type: Petrol / Gasoline
Fuel Supply: Carburetor
Oil Capacity: 1.06 US quarts

What motor oil does a Honda XR100R use? Honda GN4 10W-40 Oil

Honda XR100R Handling


The Honda XR100R dry weight is 165 pounds. However, the wet weight would be more. How much more? About 10 more pounds, putting it at 175 pounds. Either way, these are fairly light and small, and easy dirt bikes to load into a truck or to lift up and place on your offroad motorcycle stand.

Is there a difference between the weight wet specs and dry weight on a XR?

The difference between wet weight and dry weight refers to the the dirt bike’s weight as it was when it was shipped from the factory. (It doesn’t take into account the weight of a tank of fuel.)

The phrase “wet weight” does take into account a full tank of fuel, as well as all other fluids.

It doesn’t matter which weight you’re using to compare to another dirt bike. Just make sure to compare dry-to-dry, or wet-to-wet.

Seat Height

The Honda XR100 seat height measures exactly 30.5 inches off the ground.

As long as you or the previous owner didn’t make and adjustments to the suspension, this will give you an idea on what size rider would fit a XR100R. For reference, a kid, teen, or an adult should be around 4’8″ to 5’3″ tall to fit comfortably on the bike.

NOTE: The seat height, along with the mild power output of this dirt bike does make this one of the very best beginner dirt bikes out there.


The suspension on these bikes is good, not great. If you (or your son or daughter) are planning on taking it easy and riding trails, putting around the property, etc., the suspension will do great for you.

However, if you’re looking at racing one of these bikes, you’re going to want to beef up the front forks and the rear shock. There are aftermarket parts available all over… even from Amazon.

Front: 27mm leading-axle Showa fork (5.9-inch travel)
Rear: Pro-Link® Showa single-shock (5.5-inch travel)

Handling Specs

Frame Type: Diamond-type pipe frame

Front Brake: drum
Rear Brake: drum

Wheels and Tires
Front Tire Size: 2.50-19
Rear Tire Size: 3.00-16

Are Honda XR100R Dirt Bikes Good?

Yes, that question is rhetorical because of course Honda XR100R’s are very good. A Honda XR100cc dirt bike is a great choice overall, however it isn’t the right pick for everyone.

  • When to buy…
    Do you want a good pit bike or a starting out dirt bike for trail dirt riding? If yes, good. These are a great choice.
    As mentioned, I’ve grown up riding Honda XR dirt bikes and I personally feel like they’re the best dirt bikes for beginners. If you’re looking for a dirt bike to go trail riding or just cruising around on your property, the XR100R is a fantastic choice.
  • When NOT to buy…
    If you’re looking for a motocross bike to race and do backflips on, then no, this is not the bike for you.
    Trails, yes… track, no.

Positive Reviews

  • Honda’s proven reliability
  • Beginner-friendly power, handling, and size
  • Good power and torque for beginners and small riders
  • Simple to work on and maintain
  • Smooth, controllable power from the Honda 100cc engine
  • Easy to find used
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Fairly easy to find parts

Negative Reviews

  • Does not have electric start
  • Not race-ready
  • Discontinued in 2003

Honda XR 100 Price

Okay.. so what is the value of a Honda XR100 and how much does a XR 100 cost?

The answer is: it depends. A used 2002 Honda XR 100R is valued between $1,050-$2,500 according to JD Power, however, a 1992 Honda XR 100R value ranges between $600-$1,700. So… I did a quick search on Facebook Marketplace and saw a handful of used XR100 dirt bikes priced between $800 (it was a 1985 XR100) – $2,200 (this was a NICE 2010).

Basically, a good XR100R is worth what JD Power says, $1,500, plus or minus a

Buyers Guide (Best Year, etc.)

I hope this Honda XR100R review has provided you the info you were looking for. If you’re like me, and you’re a fan, you might be wondering where to find one for sale?

Whenever looking to buy used dirt bike (a Honda XR100R, in this case) I stick to these three options:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Friend-of-a-Friend

Yes, there are quite a few other places to shop for a used Honda XR100R for sale, but I like those three best.

I like those three because I can see the dirt bike in person and start it up, ride it, inspect, and ask whatever questions I need to… all without having to travel. If you’re planning to buy a used dirt bike, you always want to see (and ride) it in person before you buy.

What is the best year to buy a for Honda XR100R dirt bike? If you end up finding a used XR100, any year from 1992 and newer is probably the best choice. Honda updated the shocks and ignition after ’85 and ’92. For the 2001 Honda XR100R, the rear shock got one more update, so if you can find a 2001 or newer, that’d be even a bit better. However, the rear shock update isn’t worth missing out on a good pre-2001 Honda if you find one.